Who We Are

Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation was founded by a scientist and is managed by scientists. Together we have extensive first hand experience in Nature and we have seen how powerful the Nature experience can be. We have sat in the forests of Africa with the Mt. Gorilla, in the mountains of China with the Giant Panda, in the Artic with the Polar Bear and in the jungles of Borneo with the Orangutan. We have sat in our own backyards fascinated by the migrating hummingbird, by the twinkle of the firefly, by the vocalizations of the raven. We have worked dilgently in our respective careers to understand and witness the wonders in Nature and we share that with others. We realize that we must foster guardians for Nature and how better to do that than to offer children the wonderful experience to be in Nature!

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Board of Directors

Why are we different?

This is a unique Foundation on many levels. We understand the need to preserve wildlife diversity, so we offer funding support to scientists studying a vast array of wild species. Other organizations focus only on one species. They contribute to the conservation of species from ducks to pandas to elephants and the list could go on and on. But what has been missing? In the field of conservation it has neared impossible to acquire funds to study the less recognized species. Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation’s mission is to preserve the diversity of species and their habitats. So while funds donated to the Foundation may go to support work with gorillas or elephants, they may also go to support the study and preservation of pangolins or takins or the whooping crane or the giant armadillo or spade foot toads or …

As scientists managing Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation, we have had in our careers massive amounts of experience in running field stations, designing scientific projects, writing proposals to fund projects, and managing these funds. We are well respected in our fields of science. Thus we are uniquely positioned to evaluate projects to determine the feasibility and the importance of each project. We not only receive proposals we also seek out projects. Only the very best are selected to receive awards.

In addition, we see the importance of offering the Nature experience to children. As our motto says…”Our Children Need Nature…Nature Needs Our Children”. Conserving wildlife by itself is not sufficient, we must share with our children for the benefit of the children and the benefit of Nature in the future.

We are unique since we focus on both wildlife science and children’s experiences in Nature. As we grow we can begin to merge these two missions and see the children that we inspire become the scientists of tomorrow working to preserve wildlife diversity.