1795339_10201352957975035_1833039414_oPapoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation is founded and managed by scientists to fund the study of species in their native environment and to provide children with the opportunity to experience the joy of being in Nature. As scientists that have been emersed in Nature for decades our dedication to Nature teaches us to share it and to work to preserve it. We know the importance of bringing both adults and children into Nature to learn about wildlife and witness the importance and value of biological diversity.  This is critical for the human element and mandatory for the preservation of Nature.

Our Founding Director, Nancy Czekala, gives this insight to the Origins of Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation:

“What is that crystallizing moment that turns one’s head to start in a new direction, one that may make a difference?  When I was pondering a name for this new Foundation that thought occurred, and there was no question for me of the answer.  Compassion for wildlife was always present, but what was the “grab me by the shoulders and plant my feet on the ground moment”?  I wanted to name the Foundation after that moment, that awareness, that awakening.

I had the rare opportunity to study and work among the free-ranging mountain gorillas in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s in Rwanda.  My main study group of gorillas was named Beetsme’s Group. When one visits mountain gorillas and stays with them for any length of time it is clear that you, the human primate, are not running the show, you are a guest and the gorillas allow you to visit them.  I was honored by their acceptance of me.  There is no question that of all the species I have studied, the mountain gorilla has had the greatest impact on me. I see their uniqueness, their ability to coexist in an environment without destroying it, and their vulnerability to humanity. One of the study gorillas in Beetsme’s Group was a female named Papoose.  She, without doubt, was the most patient with me as I fumbled with my gorilla etiquette.  I named the Foundation for her, Papoose.  As it happens it is a very meaningful name, signifying a need to nurture and care for those dependent on our compassion.  Though the Foundation carries the name of a gorilla, the purpose of Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation is to preserve the diversity of species and their habitats.  So, while gorillas, giant pandas and elephants are easily recognized and can magnify a caring response, we also need to direct our collective attention toward all of the other species equally important to the diversity of life and the maintenance of a healthy planet.”