The Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation creates a source of support for individuals and organizations devoted to perpetuating the world’s diversity of species and their habitats and to engage children and adults in Nature to learn about and witness the wonders of wildlife.


  1. To ensure funding for worthwhile projects to preserve the diversity of species in Nature
  2. To provide opportunities to children to experience and enjoy Nature
  3. To be the bridge between business and private donors and conservation projects

The Importance of Introducing Children to Nature

10943661_10203530172004025_6135052444809352082_oToday’s children are not given the opportunities to be in Nature, to experience Nature, to become aware of its wonderous vitality and beauty.  Why this is, is another topic.  The importance of giving children, whether in San Diego or in Africa, the opportunity to bond with Nature is two fold.  Scientific studies have shown us that exposure to Nature benefits the child in many ways by reducing the symptoms of attention-deficit disorder, reducing stress, increasing cognitive ability and creativity, etc.  It is really more than this, more than the measurable behavioral changes; it is the effect of the first hand experience that is intriguing.  By being IN Nature, children will have adventure, learn from what they see and become aware of the magnificence and beauty of Nature. It is far more than watching Nature channels on television, or reading about it in books, or knowing the facts about Nature. It is the hands on experience that makes a difference. As one of the kids that has been raised in a Nature environment says, “It is something you just can’t explain. There is something about getting your hands dirty and it being ok, about teaching yourself the wonders of Nature by seeing it for yourself, as though you were the first one to ever witness it.” They can gain respect for the wild world.  This is important for the future of Nature.  How will this help Nature?…Our children are Nature’s future….for protection and care and respect.

Our Children Need Nature…Nature Needs Our Children

The Importance of Nature Diversity

When a scientist begins a study in Nature on a particular species, for instance a gorilla, the entire focus is on this species. However it is quickly becomes apparent that the gorilla does not live in the forest alone. There are many other species, whether the gorilla seems to interact with them or not, that are part of the whole of Nature. It is alarming to realize that those that poach animals in the wild know more about the animals appearance, behavior, habits, vocalizations and needs than do the conservationists, those that protecting them or the local neighbors that should be enjoying them. These other animals can not be ignored. If we are to preserve the whole of Nature, we must have a knowledge of the biology of these other species. Join us…

Invest in the Future of Nature